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Multilayer circuit boards are boards that contain more than one conductive inner layer sandwiched together with fiberglass insulation. Today, it is more common to use multilayer circuit boards to achieve high-assembly density, smaller size and easily incorporate controlled impedance features.


SMG Global has long been an expert manufacturer of PCBs and has successfully produced our more complex multilayer circuit boards. We create specialized boards according to your requirements, manufacturing multilayer circuit boards involving up to 14 layers. We produce multilayer circuit boards using RF materials, aluminum core, FR-4, FR-5, thin core, Teflon, Rogers and polyimide materials in terms of materials used for assembly. Additionally, all of SMG Global’s products comply with both RoHS and Non-RoHS finishes.


Our quotes can almost always be given within 24-48 hours for our products, including multilayer circuit boards. Once we have your order, our team gets to work fulfilling it. Because our multilayer circuit boards are more complex, these orders typically take 15-17 business days to finish and deliver, but can be produced in as quickly as 48 hours. While multilayer circuit boards take slightly longer than our other products to deliver to you, these orders are still noticeably expedited in comparison to other competing manufacturers. 


SMG Global has the capacity to produce large orders, even for more complex products like our multilayer circuit boards. Despite our ability to manufacture large quantities of these boards, we are happy to meet our customers’ varying needs, including fulfilling small orders for multilayer circuit boards. Challenging orders are our specialty, and we look forward to producing the perfect multilayer circuit boards for you!


SMG Global has developed excellent customer relationships and satisfaction with our 99%+ on-time delivery record for multilayer circuit boards and other products. Our primary goal is to maintain a robust quality system that emphasizes defect prevention and reduction of waste in the supply chain. We accomplish this through Quality Assurance System Goals, Quality Circles, Internal Quality Audits and a Calibration and Preventive Maintenance program for all of our equipment. With SMG Global, you will never have to worry about multilayer circuit board quality issues—We have you covered!

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