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SMG Global Circuits covers all of our bases when it comes to excellence in PCB design and manufacturing. This is why we offer our customers high-quality impedance control services. With over thirty years of field-tested experience, our expert teams are well equipped to take your circuit boards and equipment to new levels of reliability and fine-tuned detail work.


High Density InterconnectModern PCB operates on higher clock frequency and very fast signal switching. For many applications, PCB traces are not just a connection, rather they act as a high-frequency transmission line. So, the impedance of the circuit will vary from point to point along the trace. By controlling the impedance of the circuits, we ensure that the signals are not degraded as they route along the lines of PCB.


As a company with decades of experience providing top-rated impedance control, SMG Global Circuits understands that there are a multitude of factors to consider when producing a PCB product. As a part of our work process, we consider each of these design features to ensure that the final product is one that will not easily deteriorate over time.


One factor to consider when controlling impedance is the resin content percentage of the material you work with. This is because it affects the thickness of the trace lines found on circuit boards. Another material factor to consider for impedance control is the type of glass cloth used in each product. 


Dk values refer in part to the dielectric constant. Oftentimes lower Dk values provide benefits for impedance control, producing better PCBs. SMG Global Circuits weighs the advantages and disadvantages of Dk values to find a balance and produce excellent products for our customers.


One of the most important factors when designing with impedance control in mind is trace measurement. The height and width at the top and bottom of the trace can greatly affect the efficacy of high transmission lines.


When faced with the intricacies of impedance control, the manufacturing options may seem overwhelming. Luckily, SMG offers complete design assistance when it comes to controlling impedance and discovering which options work best for your projects.

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