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The core concept of aluminum boards is to dissipate heat from the circuit area through dielectric and aluminum bases for use in LEDs, RF products, automotive applications and many more pieces of equipment.


Aluminum boards specifically benefit LED applications because the aluminum material transfers heat in a unique way, as opposed to other materials. Aluminum boards have the ability to draw heat away from the important components on PCB boards. This design feature minimizes product damage over time, saving our customers precious time, money and energy. Not only are our aluminum board products highly durable, but they also benefit from being lightweight and a great deal of resilience due to the chosen metal.


In addition to the beneficial way that aluminum boards conduct heat, our products also come at a low cost to you thanks to using this easy to manufacture metal. Aluminum is an accessible material that allows for cost efficiency while never compromising on quality. Let SMG maximize your savings and operation productivity by checking out our aluminum boards for LED applications and beyond.


Not every company makes the effort to produce truly environmentally friendly products, but at SMG we make the effort to substitute difficult to compose materials, such as plastic and fiberglass, for recyclable aluminum.


Our aluminum boards are commonly used for our popular LED PCB options. The advantages of LED products are varied, though the most significant benefit is energy efficiency. Just as aluminum acts as an eco-friendly material, the finished product also acts as an energy saver. This advantage also benefits your operations directly by saving on energy consumption costs. SMG Global Circuits’ LED technology can be applied to a multitude of different industries, making our products a perfect choice for our customers.

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