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SMG Global believes in stringent circuit board testing procedures to ensure the highest quality PCB products for their customers. In addition to testing procedures, we are transparent with our reports and certificates, allowing our customers to see the excellent results of our strict quality assurance methods for themselves.


SMG Global is proud to meet international quality standards through our ISO 9001:2015 certification. In the past, we have consistently attained the most current version of this accreditation, keeping up to date with top industry practices. The current quality certificate we hold includes acceptable criteria for IPC-A-600 Class-2 & 3, and performance specifications of IPC-6012 Class-2 & 3 UL 796, 94V-0. Both of these requirements are considered the latest revisions of current ISO accreditation standards.


The IPC-356A Gerber Netlist Testing Standard is a procedure that tests circuit boards using a CAM program. This program evaluates if a printed circuit board design will be electrically functional. If, after the testing procedure, the CAM program discovers errors, the design discrepancies are located, eliminating miscalculations before they get to production.


  • 150 Volts
  • 5 Ohms Continuity
  • 100 Mega Ohms Isolation


  • Up to 250 Volts
  • 6 Ohms Continuity
  • 100 Mega Ohms Isolation



Our certificates and reports further assure our customers of SMG Global’s quality standards. We don’t cut corners when it comes to testing our circuit boards, as evidenced by our extensive list below:

  • Base Laminations According to IPC-4101
  • Ionic Contamination According to IPC-6012
  • Electrical Test According to IPC-9252
  • Solderability According to J-STD-003
  • Micro-section Evaluation
  • Thermal Stress Evaluation
  • X-Ray Fluorescence & Capacitance Plating Thickness
  • EDAX & SAM By Request
  • Impedance Control
  • Atomic Absorption Unit



We take our circuit board testing procedures seriously because we take quality seriously. At SMG Global our goal is simple: To provide our customers high-quality, defect-free printed circuit boards alongside value-added services at competitive prices. Moreover, we deliver these high-caliber products in a timely manner. SMG Global constantly implements new technologies, processes and circuit board testing features to meet today’s competitive electronic market place.

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