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SMG Global uses CNC circuit board drilling machines to manufacture printed circuit boards to our customers’ exacting standards and specifications. Explore our standard machining capabilities and know that tighter tolerances are available upon special request.


Smallest Hole Size:
0.008 Drilled
0.006 Prototype
Circuit-to-Score Line: 0.0015″
Minimum Slot Width: 0.0021″
Routing Tolerance: +/- 0.005″
Score Line Tolerance: +/- 0.003″
Hole Size Tolerance: +/- 0.003″


To keep ahead of the competition, we continuously upgrade our equipment and re-train our employees to improve our efficiency and product quality. Our CNC drilling machines are particularly well-maintained and regularly upgraded as we know this equipment is the key to providing top-grade printed circuit boards.


SMG Global’s CNC machines are the best in the industry, having been designed not only for speed but also accuracy. We provide depth control for PCB drilling orders as well as interior layer inspecting capabilities because we are aware that our services require high-precision abilities to produce superior results.


The drilling machines that we invest in afford us another key advantage: large workspaces. Having ample space to drill PCBs with CNC machining is a crucial asset to our manufacturing operations. It allows us to manufacture sizable panels and circuit boards, some of which reach sizes that competitors would be unable to produce. Beyond large circuit boards, our machines provide us with the additional ability to produce large quantities of machine-drilled PCBs.


Our CNC machines are capable of 110,000 RPM. Additional circuit board drilling machine modifications allow for up to 30,000 holes per hour. Due to our unrelenting commitment to employing innovative equipment, our company can provide you with 1,000 medium-complexity circuit boards per week or 500 circuit boards every week for higher-complexity jobs. Our high-speed drilling machines allow us to meet your order needs quickly and maintain our outstanding on-time delivery record.


Our circuit board drilling machines are nothing without the team of operators who manage them. Through making necessary drilling adjustments, attending to unique PCB order requirements and providing CNC machine maintenance, our workers keep the SMG Global circuit board drilling operation running smoothly.





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