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SMG Global produces circuit boards of varying material types, thicknesses and cores according to customer needs. Take a moment to explore our comprehensive selection!


  • Material Thickness:   0.004″ through 0.125″
  • Copper Weight:          0.5 to 4.0 Oz


We have an international customer base that relies on SMG Global to meet all of their PCB manufacturing needs. As a result, our circuit boards must provide material options that are compliant with ROHS and REACH standards. We offer an abundance of PCB materials that are free of lead, mercury, cadmium and other heavy metals so that even within manufacturing limitations, there are several material options available for you to choose from.


Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) measures PCB insulating material, calculating unwanted current flow between traces on the board. CTI can estimate the amount of resistance a printed circuit board will have against foreign substances, such as moisture or dust. At SMG Global, we prioritize the lifespan of your products, so our materials always maintain a CTI greater than 175. Additionally, we work with materials that are up to UL796 DSR and 94V-0 Rated standards, further ensuring a high-quality product.


SMG Global provides our customers with industry-standard, fire-retardant products using FR4, FR5, Teflon and Rogers materials, to name a few. Our priority is to manufacture printed circuit boards that are not only high-performance, but safe and resilient products as well.


Used in many electronic products, Polyimide is an ideal choice for your PCB needs. In addition to our other FR4 and FR5 material options, Polyimide similarly provides substantial heat resistance. An added advantage of working with Polyimide is that it possesses a more flexible quality, which can significantly benefit certain PCB designs.


There are a few key advantages of working with aluminum. By dissipating heat from circuit areas, aluminum material increases PCB durability. Additionally, this material option is both low-cost and a more eco-friendly option. Our aluminum boards are commonly used in LED-printed circuit boards, but the possibilities are endless when working with aluminum material!


Need Help Determining Which Material is Right for You? Contact SMG Global Today and Receive Advice From Our Experts!

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