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SMG Global Circuits, Inc. has been manufacturing top quality printed circuit boards (PCB) for all relevant markets since 1989. Since our founding, SMG has experienced outstanding growth, allowing us to expand into a 24,000 sq ft facility production house in 1996.

SMG specializes in prototyping, production and customization, and look forward to our customers’ most challenging orders. SMG Global’s products comply with both RoHS and Non-RoHS finishes. Along with standard boards, we also produce circuit boards using RF materials, aluminum core, FR-5, thin core, Teflon, Rogers and polyimide materials.

With our 99%+ on-time delivery records, SMG Global has developed great customer relationship and satisfaction. If you have been looking for a manufacturer that puts your needs first, look no further than SMG Global Circuits.


To deliver the highest quality products, SMG implements several Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement systems. Our primary goal is to maintain a robust quality system that expertly prevents defects and reduces waste within the supply chain. Notable features of our Continuous Improvement systems are as follows:


The growth of our company is made possible by our dedication to the continuous improvement of our capabilities, capacity and quality. This commitment to our customers and to ourselves enabled SMG to obtain certifications for ISO 9001 in 1996. Since then, SMG has consistently kept up to date with the latest iterations of ISO 9001 certification. Additionally, we are an ITAR regulated organization. These certifications, combined with our founding principles, ensure our commitment to continuous improvement and growth.


Kaizen means continuous improvement in Japanese. Utilizing KAIZEN in our processes has helped us to improve our process efficiency by eliminating waste and unneeded motion.


SMG Global uses a system of “quality circles” to find ways to improve each production process within the plant. A team of people get together in each area of production, not necessarily their own, and they look for areas for improvement. Brainstorming meetings are held and all feasible changes are implemented. This program allows operators to contribute to continuous improvement, while gaining knowledge about other processes other than their own.


SMG has an Internal Audit system in place that audits all key elements of our business quality management system every six months. The system verifies whether quality activities comply with planned arrangements, and it also determines the effectiveness of the quality system. A group of trained personnel are assigned to conduct these audits.


All equipment at SMG has its own Calibration and Preventive Maintenance schedule. A well-developed system is established and monitored on a regular basis.

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